There is always a struggle on Ansalon. Struggle will turn to a small conflict, and that conflict will sometimes turn into a war. Ansalon has been no stranger to disaster, but there has always been a hero to carry the torch, save the land from outright chaos, and slaughter. While the land is trying to heal from such a war that has left everything forever changed there seems to be another force ever so slightly grasping for a small pocket of divine power. The gods are recovering but not oblivious to this. They watch as the pieces to this chess game are placed on the board. Which side do the new pawns fall to? Who is involved? Which way does the balance shift, how far, and for how long?

Welcome to the Aftermath of War! This campaign is set in Dragonlance during the Age of Mortals shortly after the deities have returned, and magic has returned. The Dragon Overlords are still around, but seem to be a little more assuming a role of “behind the scenes” players.

Dragonlance Aftermath of War