Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Waking up in darkness

What lurks beyond this room?

The characters woke up in a dimly lit stone room. A Gnome Monk, Minotaur Fighter, Human Druid, and Elven Mage sat looking each other over while they rubbed that groggy feeling out of their head. After taking a moment to collect themselves, they started to ask each other what was going on, and keeping each other at a distance due to a (understandable) lack of trust. After a little talking, they finally decided to exit out the large stone door with Tarvos in the lead. They progressed slowly to map out the place thanks to some parchment Waldron had on him, and dispatched any enemies they came across. After finding a small gold wyrmling’s lair, and making a deal with it to help lead him out in exchange for some treasure they ran across a young red wyrmling, and almost lost Curian in the process of killing it. Once they recovered from that battle Tarvos decided to go a different direction than the rest of the party, who wanted to rest a little longer. For his troubles he ran into a Nightmare, which not only smashed his face in with flaming hooves, but after knocking the Minotaur out, he picked him up, and went off to find the rest of the party. After another close fought victory, which almost totally wiped out our brave band they took all of the healing potions, and money Tarvos had on him as payment for saving him.

After a few hours they finally made their way outside of the dungeon, to a clearing that had a street sign pointing north to Pashin. This is when the cloaked individual – whom they had all ran into before this dungeon – showed up. The figure explained to them that they were to travel over to Pashin, and see where that path takes them. There would be many deadly adventures to come, and greater powers moving pawns around for the battles ahead. As quickly as the figure appeared, it had also vanished without warning, and leaving many more questions than answers. The group started its trip to Pashin.

Pashin was alive with a lot of activity once the group arrived. They went on to the market to gather more supplies, and looked for an inn. That night was spent drinking up quite a bit of the ale, save Tarvos who went looking for the group after he realized his money was missing. This lead to a slight brawl, but the Dark Knights who showed up ended up being paid off by Curian so no one would wind up in prison. The next morning the group got together (and Tarvos still steaming about his money) and went out in search of more information in the city. At one point the group passed by an old beggar in the streets, who seemed to be some sort of doomsayer. As Waldron passed by the beggar reached out, and grabbed Waldron’s arm with an unnatural strength. The beggar started to foretell of a prophecy that would unfold at the hands of our group of travelers. After she finished her body caught fire, and within moments she was nothing but ashes. At this point the surrounding crowd started pointing at the group, screaming murder, and calling for the guards. The party took off down an alleyway, and after a little bit of running they evaded the Dark Knights by finding an old passage that lead into a sewer system of sorts.

In the sewer system our group had to battle with a few creatures, and a large group of goblins that had amassed under the city. Once they made it out of the sewer they (unknowingly) passed a magical portal that transported them to a location someplace in the southern wastes of Nordmaar, just east of Border Keep. It was at this point the party decided to split, with the (strange pair) Minotaur, and Elf deciding to go south to Teyr. The human and gnome wanted to travel over to Border Keep to have a chance to gather information, and see what the area was like due to no one in the party traveling in this area of Ansalon. It looks like the party would part ways…



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