Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Party split, and taking chances

Action follows the Minotaur.

In this session we follow Tarvos, and Nameless. Seeing as how the other two found it more important to go to a human fortress, Tarvos set his sights on Teyr. About two days into the trip Nameless picked up the sounds of rumbling in the distance. The two kept on their path, but took a more cautious eye out. After another hour along the road drums could be heard clearly in the distance. The two had stumbled upon a large camp of goblins, which they had never seen before. They decided to try and go around the camp, but one of the lookouts spotted them. After some mildly amusing attempts to gather forces and chase (which was short lived because they did not move) after the party. Seeing as how they were only goblins and Tarvos estimated he could take out half of the camp without having to worry they allowed themselves to be escorted to the main tent in the camp.

After a few moments at the large (almost fit for a king) tent a goblin that went in came flying back out, rocketing past Tarvos. What they saw next was not something they had ever seen before. An orc by the name of Gorshank stepped in front of the two newcomers, and gave them a strong look over. Since the orc race is not from Ansalon the two assumed that Gorshank was actually some sort of Goblin freak of nature. Gorshank took to Tarvos pretty well, and allowed them to travel with his band over to the outskirts of Teyr. Gorshank explained that he was in the business of gathering up a horde of green boys, and Teyr would be a good place to start his campaign of war. On the way Tarvos managed to convince him to find someplace else to attack because the Draconians of Teyr would wipe away his band of little goblins. Gorshank agreed to hold off for now. Thanks to the loud and large group of goblins that the party traveled with, they did not have any encounters to worry about. With Teyr within sight, Gorshank ordered the large goblin horde to make camp, and wait for his return.

The three approached the walled city of Teyr, and were met by the guard. After some questioning they were allowed in, and told that they must go see General Kang. He had been waiting on them…



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