Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Clues in the depth of an unknown tomb

Kang asks for aid, in return gives favor.

Upon meeting with General Kang, the party is told of a hidden passage that leads to some sort of unholy crypt. Kang had sent a scouting party that had never returned, and asked the party to investigate. The passage was blocked off with magic barriers that would be lowered only to allow them to enter. Kang instructed them to return to be let out in one day’s time, and he would be waiting.

Upon entering the crypt the party received a very chill gust of wind. Nameless could feel the presence strong with unlife, and urged them onward. With many battles, and turns (and many stone doors that Tarvos had to knock down) they entered some sort of lower level. Upon entering the room the gate behind them snapped shut, and zombies assaulted the team. Nameless used his powers of necromancy to even the odds while Tarvos battled them back, and eventually all of them who did not succumb to Nameless fell. Further down the path led to a barred gate with guards on the other end, and what appeared to be a large throne room on the other side. A voice echoed over the throne room that taunted the newcomers, and added that it had been years since he had any guests. With that the bars lifted, and three mummified draconian bodies fell from the celling at the gate… an obvious sign of danger. Once in the middle of the room a ghost appeared over it, and revealed another Draconian chained to one of two huge statues that flanked the throne. It taunted them again, and told them they would never see the day that the new gods would come. With that, he commanded his followers to strike and the party battled for their lives. Eventually the party barely survived without anyone dying, and the throne sunk into the floor leaving some steps behind. Two chests appeared along with the cloaked figure that so often intruded upon them. He informed the team they were to accept these gifts from the higher powers, and study them so they could unlock their true power. Tarvos opened his to discover a shattered metal pole, and a glowing axe head. As he was looking over that, the elf opened his chest to discover something that was box-like in a black velvet cloth. Unwrapping the item he discovered it was an ancient book of some kind, but unable to be opened. They took their new items, and exited the crypt.

Upon exiting the crypt they ran into a few guards that looked surprised to see them. Apparently they had been gone a week due to some sort of different in how much time passes in that crypt. Once returning to Kang to report what had happened – and returning the remains of the dead, plus the chained draconian — he ordered the passageway sealed, and blocked off. The party earned the rest they would have tonight, however a black robed figure appeared in the room. He was thin, and spoke with a slight chough. He informed Nameless that he needed to be careful of the cloaked one who guides them. He saw the future that agent of the Minotaur god seeks, and it is not one he would like as an elf, or anything not Minotaur. When pressed who he was the robed individual simply said “I hope you keep that book safe. I allowed that to fall into your hands because I believe you will be an important part in making sure the orders survive the coming conflict. Do not take it lightly little elf.”, and he vanished after making that comment. Kang simply shook his head, and said “Please go get some rest. I will show you to your reward when the morning sun comes.”

It seemed the party may be in a little over their head…



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