Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Onward to Neraka

Unexpected party shuffling across the hills, and mountains...

Our party packs up, leaves Teyr, and parts ways with Gorshank. The first couple of days heading south to Neraka was difficult, but they managed to continue forward without casualties. On the third day they got a surprise in the form of Curian appearing behind Tarvos when he was recovering from the last battle with some monstrous scorpions, and proceeded drop his trousers, and assault poor Tarvos. After Nameless managed to restore some sort of order (Tarvos was understandably very mad) they pressed on. Balance would see proper returns to Curian shortly after that in the form of a bolt of lightning from the mouth of a “small” blue dragon.

Shortly after the battle another Silvanesti Elf appeared in the field of battle. He introduced himself as Thayalion Silverleap, and explained he was sent to accompany them. Nameless accepted the help much to the dismay of Tarvos. The next few days say another few battles, but they finally reached the city of Neraka. Tarvos left to go enlist in the ranks of the Dark Knights, and Nameless went to go find some of the Order of Black Robes. Once he found them he was teleported to the Tower of High Sorcery in the forest Wayreth to take his test, taking Thayalion with him. The test was grueling, and they almost died… but in the process they learned that the test was tampered with, and a powerful lich was awakened due to the lust for Undead Knowledge that Nameless had.

The party decided to rest another couple of days in Neraka after this to decide what the next step would be.



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