Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Moving closer to Ice Wall

Small set back hits the party.

After staying in Tarsis for a week, and doing some shopping the party finally moves on. The party finds, and recruits several helpers into the group which include a half dragon fighter, and two clerics. After two days on the plains of dust the party runs into a pair of Huge Air Elementals, and the clerics along with Tarvos ends up dying in the fight. Nameless raised the clerics as zombies after the fight, and stuffed the corpse of Tarvos into his Bag of Holding. This caused Silverleap to abandon the party in horror. Nameless, and Garaxar make their way back to Tarsis to regroup.

Once back to Tarsis, Garaxar hints that they would be able to find others to replace the party members who fell. The next day two interesting subjects walked right past them: A Monk, and a Psion. After taking a little bit of time to recruit them the party forms yet again to reach Ice Wall…



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