Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Thrown together again with a couple new recruits.

The wheels keep turning

After a brief separation it seems the powers that be had decided to get the party moving again. Tarvos was forced back into service by Sargonnas, and returned to life. It appears that it was rumored that a new way has been found to ascend into the pantheon, and Sargonnas wished to use that knowledge to increase his influence due to the death of Takhisis. He also did not want this knowledge falling into the hands of Kiri-Jolith. Tarvos was to lead his party in search of this knowledge, and his rewards would be great.

Namesless was quite surprised when his large chest of holding started moving as that is where his body had been stored. Little did Tarvos know about his new powers as a wight, but this would soon prove interesting to see just how well it would play out. As Nameless was figuring out just what to do (and being quite annoyed that his study was disturbed) about this another mage came into the room to let him know there was another minotaur who was “lost” at the grove entrance, so it might be a good idea to send his “pet” (with a motion to Tarvos) go to deal with it. After he left the mage revealed himself to be Dalamar. It seemed Nuitari was also aware of the rumors, and Dalamar was insistant that this information be obtained for the use of the Black Robed order.

After a brief chat it seemed this Minotaur was just exploring, but Tarvos saw fit to recruit him. Skara agreed to travel with them, and was introduced to the elven mages once they came out to see who the traveler was… which was interrupted by the familiar cloaked figure that seemed to plague poor Tarvos. The figure taunted the group, and with a laugh teleported them away with a snap of its fingers.

Sir Didimus was researching locations of the great iconic forges that had created the mighty lances from the old wars, and had gotten another lead. He recruited an old human cleric to accompany him, and started on his way out of the town when he ran into an interesting little Kender by the name of El Heffe. He was cursing, and shouting at a small cloaked individual… not a normal Kender activity for sure. After trying his hand at diplomacy the figure conveyed he was tired of this useless banter, and snapped his fingers… teleporting both kenders and human away.

The entire party appeared in a large jail cell. The cell was empty save a sleeping elf on one of the cots, and a lot of trash. After some surprised exchanges the cloaked figure appeared to let them out, and explained that their journey continued outside into the mountains. The wary party made their way outside and traveled into the mountains.

After a days travel the party was ambushed by hill giants from a high ledge, losing the cleric to a nasty bolder shot before they could even react. They pressed on to find an interesting path up the mountains to a faint doorway hidden in the rock at a dead end of the trail, only to fight off two large earth elemental’s that attacked when they tried to open the door.

After taking only a moment to lick their wounds from that encounter it seemed they were in for even more as they opened the door to find a barracks of sorts. Two trolls, six ogres, and a small horde of goblins had made camp in the same room that this door opened into… and they were not happy to be disturbed. After a long fight (that included a stone giant that some goblins ran to get) the party discovered a small white kobold in tattered black robes was taken prisoner, and released him.

The party stopped to rest before they dare venture further…



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