Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Descending into darkness unknown

The Ruins Of The One God

After a long battle with the war party that was stationed at the cave entrance the party saw fit to make camp. During the night Nameless did a little scouting, and discovered a place that was covered in an skin crawling darkness. Voices taunted him from the edge of his thoughts. He sent his familiar off to investigate, and he started to see images that left him shaken. Runes covered the walls, and a soft faint light filled a large hall. It felt as if the very air was alive, and oppressive. Connection was lost with his familiar, and he stood motionless for a few moments. A frantic companion came running back, and urged him to leave saying that a true evil was further down that hall. Nameless thought better of his curiosity, and left… but not before stumbling upon an old goblin shaman who commanded a score of other goblins. He sent them off to go find the mighty Gorshank. He quickly returned to camp.

Once the party was moving again they decided to attempt passage past the large throne-like doors in the main chamber. With great effort both Skara, and Tarvos breached the door… only to fall within a pit trap that was directly on the other side of the door. After a few laughs El Heffe got them out, which allowed Nameless to check the tapestries, and runes that covered the walls and doors. Upon realizing that these runes spoke about the same thing that his familiar had witnessed in the ruins below he quickly left with party in tow.

Searching the upstairs portion of this place revealed a captured Curian, and even an old lich who seemed more intent on keeping the party to corrupt them rather than just kill them. Skara seemed to be the only one wise enough to stay out of his throne room. After leaving Nameless with a book to “study”, the lich dismissed the party to their adventure. The party stumbled upon a massive forge room with a large amount of ogres, hill giants, and trolls that were bust at work making massive armaments. After barley defeating that force (which resulted in the destruction of Tarvos) they stumbled upon a hidden room with a blood stained alter. After inspecting the symbol that was above the alter Nameless did the unthinkable… he took one of the giants hearts, and sacrificed it upon the alter! Immediately the walls shook, and a soothing female voice came to Nameless. It offered him power beyond anything he could dream if he only come visit her in her prison. The urge was strong, and almost too much for Nameless. Skara nudged him out of his trance and they left the room, but the damage had been done. Upon leaving the force a wizard-like figure appeared claiming to be the son of Paladine. After speaking (yelling at Nameless mostly) to them about some of the things going on he suddenly left them. A loud cry could be heard from the other room where the lich was. When the party rounded the corner all they could see was it’s body shattering from light coming from inside it. Paladine’s son destroyed the lich, and sent the group on it’s way.

After taking everything in the party left the strange ruins, and headed north for the city of Kalaman. Upon the way they dispatched a Dragon, and tracked down its lair. When they came upon it there seemed to be a Knight stalking the entrance. After exchanging names a pair of fire giants ambushed the group, almost killing that Knight. The party recovered, looted the dragon’s horde, and then headed to Kalaman.

More eyes from above are starting to take notice of Nameless, and his ever changing band of misfits.



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