An overgrown "Goblin" that is obsessed with war.


An Orc that traveled here from origins unknown. Gorshank says that a mist carried him here, and he is always talking about getting more “boys” for some big battle he wants to start with anyone or anything. Since there are no orcs to speak of in Dragonlance it appears everyone thinks he is some mutant goblin.


Gorshank is an Orc from the lands of Faerun. He was constantly fighting, and starting wars within the orc clans. He managed to amass a very large group of goblins, orcs, ogres, and other small creatures to lead a successful attack on Baldur’s Gate. After setting up this fort as his main camp Gorshank would lead other small bands of his force on the travel routes to help get more money, and it eventually caught notice of several very powerful beings. The city of Waterdeep, and the Purple Dragons assaulted Baldur’s Gate, and decimated the alliance of green skins… but Gorshank was never found among the dead, or the living. During the fighting the mists came and swept him away to serve a greater evil purpose. After several months in the dark realms he proved so chaotic, and random in his whims that the mists sent him to another realm. Gorshank found himself this time however in the lands of Ansalon. This was a both blessing, and curse. Ansalon claimed no Orc’s in its lands, and once he realized that he was the biggest green skinned humanoid that the goblins had been around, he quickly set on his next attempt to gather a massive force of goblinoids, and find a big place to take over.


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