Deranged Kender


True Kender Rogue. Quick to violence, and has almost no moral code. Would sell his own mother for a copper.


This Kender fell very far from the tree. Most Kender are happy go lucky, and always willing to help people out… but not Heffe. Something was just never right with this kid, and his parents never did anything about it. He was constantly fighting other kids, and playing the worst pranks of people. He would steal, and never attempt to say he was just holding the item, or borrowing it like most Kender do. It was the last straw when one day his father came home to find out that Heffe had killed his mother, but not without some company. Heffe was sitting at a table with a large cloaked figure. Both of them looked at the father, and the figure simply said “time to finish your task, and then I will send you on your journey of riches.” Heffe did not hesitate as he jumped at his father, and buried a knife into his fathers neck. The figure stood up, and walked to the front door. “You will need to leave your home, and make a living for yourself someplace else. When the time comes for you to start the quest you will awake in a place you did not fall asleep the night before.” With that the figure left, leaving Heffe to start a life of crime that no one would ever suspect a Kender of taking up.


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