Typical Minotaur


Minotaur Fighter that carries a large Great Axe at all times, and decked out in full plate. Loves to charge into battle with his gore attack as an opening shot. Hates elves, and anything shorter than humans. Zealot-like love for Sargonnas.


Tarvos was an established grunt in one of the top scouting parties in the Minotaur army based in Silvanesti. Once the Minotaurs took over this land they also removed, or killed anyone that was not one of them. They quickly set up Silvanesti as their own, and had plans to expand north. Tarvos, and his group was sent to the northern borders of the Silvanesti forest just outside of Pashin. It was here that they came upon a blasted camp site of dead elves. As the officer started barking orders for Tarvos, and the others to look for clues as to what happened, a cloaked individual showed up in the middle of the camp. This cloaked figured dispatched the others with as little effort as it took for one to inhale, but left Tarvos alive. He explained to Tarvos that he had much more important tasks to do, and that he would be watched to make sure he was doing what needed to be done. When Tarvos asked what this was all about the figure make a gesture with his hand that lifted him off the ground as if he was picked up by his throat. “Less asking, and more proving shall be all that concerns you little cow.” With that everything went dark… and little did Tarvos know what his God had just swept him into.


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