The Nameless One

Powermad Silvanesti


Elven Wizard. A member of the Order of Black Robes, and obsessed with Necromantic powers. He is quiet most of the time, and loves to manipulate others to get things done. He has never taken a name, and has ended up referring to himself as “The Nameless One”.


The Nameless One was an outcast of his family, and was further driven mad when the magical barrier was put up around the Silvanesti forest. After his exile he would make trips into the borders of the forest to help him be at ease during stressful times. After a month of failure trying to get past the barrier he stumbled upon an old underground crypt, where he set up a study of sorts to further his knowledge of necromantic magic, and the undead. One evening upon returning from a trip to secure spell components he found a dark cloaked individual sitting in his chambers, and reading his journal. Nameless could feel the evil aura coming from this figure, and only managed to ask the newcomer what he wanted of him. The figured simply said that he was walking the correct path, and that he needed to continue his studies. Very important things are coming, and he will need to pick his friends, and minions very carefully. He was ordered to pack anything he valued, and keep it on his persons when he went to sleep that night. He was going to wake up in a hidden dungeon a few days away from here, and would not see this place for some time. Thus the travels of Nameless started…

The Nameless One

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