Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Setting the stage for our hero's
The wheels start to turn again...

Chaos came for his children’s creation, and was defeated. The cost was high, but only a temporary setback. When the gods found their creation again, it was for only a fleeting moment, thanks to Takhisis. Once the wrath from this war was but an distant memory something else started to stir within the land. An old power had returned, and was largely forgotten. Several powerful beings lost their lives, but the anguish of their torment in the afterlife was so great that a flicker of their soul lives on. The void left in the pantheon was balanced by Paladine stepping down… or was it? Those who thirst for power sense a chance. Those who refuse to let go of what they knew seek to reverse what has been done. Others sense a coming tide, and want to stop the incoming power struggle before any further damage is done to the balance. Our players find themselves caught up in the aftermath of what has resulted from a handful of terrible wars in such a short amount of time. A band strung together by chance, or are they puppets to be used?


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