Dragonlance Aftermath of War

Descending into darkness unknown
The Ruins Of The One God

After a long battle with the war party that was stationed at the cave entrance the party saw fit to make camp. During the night Nameless did a little scouting, and discovered a place that was covered in an skin crawling darkness. Voices taunted him from the edge of his thoughts. He sent his familiar off to investigate, and he started to see images that left him shaken. Runes covered the walls, and a soft faint light filled a large hall. It felt as if the very air was alive, and oppressive. Connection was lost with his familiar, and he stood motionless for a few moments. A frantic companion came running back, and urged him to leave saying that a true evil was further down that hall. Nameless thought better of his curiosity, and left… but not before stumbling upon an old goblin shaman who commanded a score of other goblins. He sent them off to go find the mighty Gorshank. He quickly returned to camp.

Once the party was moving again they decided to attempt passage past the large throne-like doors in the main chamber. With great effort both Skara, and Tarvos breached the door… only to fall within a pit trap that was directly on the other side of the door. After a few laughs El Heffe got them out, which allowed Nameless to check the tapestries, and runes that covered the walls and doors. Upon realizing that these runes spoke about the same thing that his familiar had witnessed in the ruins below he quickly left with party in tow.

Searching the upstairs portion of this place revealed a captured Curian, and even an old lich who seemed more intent on keeping the party to corrupt them rather than just kill them. Skara seemed to be the only one wise enough to stay out of his throne room. After leaving Nameless with a book to “study”, the lich dismissed the party to their adventure. The party stumbled upon a massive forge room with a large amount of ogres, hill giants, and trolls that were bust at work making massive armaments. After barley defeating that force (which resulted in the destruction of Tarvos) they stumbled upon a hidden room with a blood stained alter. After inspecting the symbol that was above the alter Nameless did the unthinkable… he took one of the giants hearts, and sacrificed it upon the alter! Immediately the walls shook, and a soothing female voice came to Nameless. It offered him power beyond anything he could dream if he only come visit her in her prison. The urge was strong, and almost too much for Nameless. Skara nudged him out of his trance and they left the room, but the damage had been done. Upon leaving the force a wizard-like figure appeared claiming to be the son of Paladine. After speaking (yelling at Nameless mostly) to them about some of the things going on he suddenly left them. A loud cry could be heard from the other room where the lich was. When the party rounded the corner all they could see was it’s body shattering from light coming from inside it. Paladine’s son destroyed the lich, and sent the group on it’s way.

After taking everything in the party left the strange ruins, and headed north for the city of Kalaman. Upon the way they dispatched a Dragon, and tracked down its lair. When they came upon it there seemed to be a Knight stalking the entrance. After exchanging names a pair of fire giants ambushed the group, almost killing that Knight. The party recovered, looted the dragon’s horde, and then headed to Kalaman.

More eyes from above are starting to take notice of Nameless, and his ever changing band of misfits.

Thrown together again with a couple new recruits.
The wheels keep turning

After a brief separation it seems the powers that be had decided to get the party moving again. Tarvos was forced back into service by Sargonnas, and returned to life. It appears that it was rumored that a new way has been found to ascend into the pantheon, and Sargonnas wished to use that knowledge to increase his influence due to the death of Takhisis. He also did not want this knowledge falling into the hands of Kiri-Jolith. Tarvos was to lead his party in search of this knowledge, and his rewards would be great.

Namesless was quite surprised when his large chest of holding started moving as that is where his body had been stored. Little did Tarvos know about his new powers as a wight, but this would soon prove interesting to see just how well it would play out. As Nameless was figuring out just what to do (and being quite annoyed that his study was disturbed) about this another mage came into the room to let him know there was another minotaur who was “lost” at the grove entrance, so it might be a good idea to send his “pet” (with a motion to Tarvos) go to deal with it. After he left the mage revealed himself to be Dalamar. It seemed Nuitari was also aware of the rumors, and Dalamar was insistant that this information be obtained for the use of the Black Robed order.

After a brief chat it seemed this Minotaur was just exploring, but Tarvos saw fit to recruit him. Skara agreed to travel with them, and was introduced to the elven mages once they came out to see who the traveler was… which was interrupted by the familiar cloaked figure that seemed to plague poor Tarvos. The figure taunted the group, and with a laugh teleported them away with a snap of its fingers.

Sir Didimus was researching locations of the great iconic forges that had created the mighty lances from the old wars, and had gotten another lead. He recruited an old human cleric to accompany him, and started on his way out of the town when he ran into an interesting little Kender by the name of El Heffe. He was cursing, and shouting at a small cloaked individual… not a normal Kender activity for sure. After trying his hand at diplomacy the figure conveyed he was tired of this useless banter, and snapped his fingers… teleporting both kenders and human away.

The entire party appeared in a large jail cell. The cell was empty save a sleeping elf on one of the cots, and a lot of trash. After some surprised exchanges the cloaked figure appeared to let them out, and explained that their journey continued outside into the mountains. The wary party made their way outside and traveled into the mountains.

After a days travel the party was ambushed by hill giants from a high ledge, losing the cleric to a nasty bolder shot before they could even react. They pressed on to find an interesting path up the mountains to a faint doorway hidden in the rock at a dead end of the trail, only to fight off two large earth elemental’s that attacked when they tried to open the door.

After taking only a moment to lick their wounds from that encounter it seemed they were in for even more as they opened the door to find a barracks of sorts. Two trolls, six ogres, and a small horde of goblins had made camp in the same room that this door opened into… and they were not happy to be disturbed. After a long fight (that included a stone giant that some goblins ran to get) the party discovered a small white kobold in tattered black robes was taken prisoner, and released him.

The party stopped to rest before they dare venture further…

Downtime after the encounter with Soth
The party takes a short time to recharge

After the encounter with Lord Soth the party decides to part ways for a short time. Nameless rushed off to the a Tower of sorcery. Sir Didimis heads off to the nearest town to resupply, and go hunt some dragons. The others stay in town. Unknown to the group, Nameless sacrifices their cleric Shroud to Chemosh. Oddly enough the God accepts the sacrifice, and gives his blessing to use the body for another zombie. A couple of weeks later the group all of a sudden find themselves together… with a few surprises in store…

Finding the way in the icy tundra.
Another player shows its face

The group spent a few days gathering more members, and made it’s way back toward Ice Wall. Garaxar, and a new Kender by the name of Sir Didymus had joined the party. They eventually made their way into an icy cave with many untold dangers, and even ended up (thanks to Gyan) setting of a prismatic spray trap. To the parties luck the only loss was a bard that Sir Didymus hired to travel with him, but there was plenty of yelling to go around as to whos fault that little mistake was. After a little more searching the party found themselves smack dab in the middle of what looked to be a hybrid throne room, and ritual chamber. Much to the horror of Nameless there was a figure who stood at the foot of the throne… Lord Soth. After a little arrangement was made Soth vanished, and left the group to wonder just what exactly is going on. It seemed Soth (true to historic rumors) was still looking for Kitiara, and now even had designs to fill the void left by the death of Takisis.

Moving closer to Ice Wall
Small set back hits the party.

After staying in Tarsis for a week, and doing some shopping the party finally moves on. The party finds, and recruits several helpers into the group which include a half dragon fighter, and two clerics. After two days on the plains of dust the party runs into a pair of Huge Air Elementals, and the clerics along with Tarvos ends up dying in the fight. Nameless raised the clerics as zombies after the fight, and stuffed the corpse of Tarvos into his Bag of Holding. This caused Silverleap to abandon the party in horror. Nameless, and Garaxar make their way back to Tarsis to regroup.

Once back to Tarsis, Garaxar hints that they would be able to find others to replace the party members who fell. The next day two interesting subjects walked right past them: A Monk, and a Psion. After taking a little bit of time to recruit them the party forms yet again to reach Ice Wall…

A new side quest
Moving south to the Ice Wall

With the short stay in Nerika winding down Tarvos is given a mission by the Knights. The party is tasked with assisting a party of Dark Knights who are trying to establish a treaty with the Dragon Overlord who rules over the Ice Wall. Nameless arranges for the party to be teleported to the forest of Tarsis, and they walk from there. The party runs into a lot of trouble with the wildlife, but safely make it to Tarsis city.

Onward to Neraka
Unexpected party shuffling across the hills, and mountains...

Our party packs up, leaves Teyr, and parts ways with Gorshank. The first couple of days heading south to Neraka was difficult, but they managed to continue forward without casualties. On the third day they got a surprise in the form of Curian appearing behind Tarvos when he was recovering from the last battle with some monstrous scorpions, and proceeded drop his trousers, and assault poor Tarvos. After Nameless managed to restore some sort of order (Tarvos was understandably very mad) they pressed on. Balance would see proper returns to Curian shortly after that in the form of a bolt of lightning from the mouth of a “small” blue dragon.

Shortly after the battle another Silvanesti Elf appeared in the field of battle. He introduced himself as Thayalion Silverleap, and explained he was sent to accompany them. Nameless accepted the help much to the dismay of Tarvos. The next few days say another few battles, but they finally reached the city of Neraka. Tarvos left to go enlist in the ranks of the Dark Knights, and Nameless went to go find some of the Order of Black Robes. Once he found them he was teleported to the Tower of High Sorcery in the forest Wayreth to take his test, taking Thayalion with him. The test was grueling, and they almost died… but in the process they learned that the test was tampered with, and a powerful lich was awakened due to the lust for Undead Knowledge that Nameless had.

The party decided to rest another couple of days in Neraka after this to decide what the next step would be.

Clues in the depth of an unknown tomb
Kang asks for aid, in return gives favor.

Upon meeting with General Kang, the party is told of a hidden passage that leads to some sort of unholy crypt. Kang had sent a scouting party that had never returned, and asked the party to investigate. The passage was blocked off with magic barriers that would be lowered only to allow them to enter. Kang instructed them to return to be let out in one day’s time, and he would be waiting.

Upon entering the crypt the party received a very chill gust of wind. Nameless could feel the presence strong with unlife, and urged them onward. With many battles, and turns (and many stone doors that Tarvos had to knock down) they entered some sort of lower level. Upon entering the room the gate behind them snapped shut, and zombies assaulted the team. Nameless used his powers of necromancy to even the odds while Tarvos battled them back, and eventually all of them who did not succumb to Nameless fell. Further down the path led to a barred gate with guards on the other end, and what appeared to be a large throne room on the other side. A voice echoed over the throne room that taunted the newcomers, and added that it had been years since he had any guests. With that the bars lifted, and three mummified draconian bodies fell from the celling at the gate… an obvious sign of danger. Once in the middle of the room a ghost appeared over it, and revealed another Draconian chained to one of two huge statues that flanked the throne. It taunted them again, and told them they would never see the day that the new gods would come. With that, he commanded his followers to strike and the party battled for their lives. Eventually the party barely survived without anyone dying, and the throne sunk into the floor leaving some steps behind. Two chests appeared along with the cloaked figure that so often intruded upon them. He informed the team they were to accept these gifts from the higher powers, and study them so they could unlock their true power. Tarvos opened his to discover a shattered metal pole, and a glowing axe head. As he was looking over that, the elf opened his chest to discover something that was box-like in a black velvet cloth. Unwrapping the item he discovered it was an ancient book of some kind, but unable to be opened. They took their new items, and exited the crypt.

Upon exiting the crypt they ran into a few guards that looked surprised to see them. Apparently they had been gone a week due to some sort of different in how much time passes in that crypt. Once returning to Kang to report what had happened – and returning the remains of the dead, plus the chained draconian — he ordered the passageway sealed, and blocked off. The party earned the rest they would have tonight, however a black robed figure appeared in the room. He was thin, and spoke with a slight chough. He informed Nameless that he needed to be careful of the cloaked one who guides them. He saw the future that agent of the Minotaur god seeks, and it is not one he would like as an elf, or anything not Minotaur. When pressed who he was the robed individual simply said “I hope you keep that book safe. I allowed that to fall into your hands because I believe you will be an important part in making sure the orders survive the coming conflict. Do not take it lightly little elf.”, and he vanished after making that comment. Kang simply shook his head, and said “Please go get some rest. I will show you to your reward when the morning sun comes.”

It seemed the party may be in a little over their head…

Party split, and taking chances
Action follows the Minotaur.

In this session we follow Tarvos, and Nameless. Seeing as how the other two found it more important to go to a human fortress, Tarvos set his sights on Teyr. About two days into the trip Nameless picked up the sounds of rumbling in the distance. The two kept on their path, but took a more cautious eye out. After another hour along the road drums could be heard clearly in the distance. The two had stumbled upon a large camp of goblins, which they had never seen before. They decided to try and go around the camp, but one of the lookouts spotted them. After some mildly amusing attempts to gather forces and chase (which was short lived because they did not move) after the party. Seeing as how they were only goblins and Tarvos estimated he could take out half of the camp without having to worry they allowed themselves to be escorted to the main tent in the camp.

After a few moments at the large (almost fit for a king) tent a goblin that went in came flying back out, rocketing past Tarvos. What they saw next was not something they had ever seen before. An orc by the name of Gorshank stepped in front of the two newcomers, and gave them a strong look over. Since the orc race is not from Ansalon the two assumed that Gorshank was actually some sort of Goblin freak of nature. Gorshank took to Tarvos pretty well, and allowed them to travel with his band over to the outskirts of Teyr. Gorshank explained that he was in the business of gathering up a horde of green boys, and Teyr would be a good place to start his campaign of war. On the way Tarvos managed to convince him to find someplace else to attack because the Draconians of Teyr would wipe away his band of little goblins. Gorshank agreed to hold off for now. Thanks to the loud and large group of goblins that the party traveled with, they did not have any encounters to worry about. With Teyr within sight, Gorshank ordered the large goblin horde to make camp, and wait for his return.

The three approached the walled city of Teyr, and were met by the guard. After some questioning they were allowed in, and told that they must go see General Kang. He had been waiting on them…

Waking up in darkness
What lurks beyond this room?

The characters woke up in a dimly lit stone room. A Gnome Monk, Minotaur Fighter, Human Druid, and Elven Mage sat looking each other over while they rubbed that groggy feeling out of their head. After taking a moment to collect themselves, they started to ask each other what was going on, and keeping each other at a distance due to a (understandable) lack of trust. After a little talking, they finally decided to exit out the large stone door with Tarvos in the lead. They progressed slowly to map out the place thanks to some parchment Waldron had on him, and dispatched any enemies they came across. After finding a small gold wyrmling’s lair, and making a deal with it to help lead him out in exchange for some treasure they ran across a young red wyrmling, and almost lost Curian in the process of killing it. Once they recovered from that battle Tarvos decided to go a different direction than the rest of the party, who wanted to rest a little longer. For his troubles he ran into a Nightmare, which not only smashed his face in with flaming hooves, but after knocking the Minotaur out, he picked him up, and went off to find the rest of the party. After another close fought victory, which almost totally wiped out our brave band they took all of the healing potions, and money Tarvos had on him as payment for saving him.

After a few hours they finally made their way outside of the dungeon, to a clearing that had a street sign pointing north to Pashin. This is when the cloaked individual – whom they had all ran into before this dungeon – showed up. The figure explained to them that they were to travel over to Pashin, and see where that path takes them. There would be many deadly adventures to come, and greater powers moving pawns around for the battles ahead. As quickly as the figure appeared, it had also vanished without warning, and leaving many more questions than answers. The group started its trip to Pashin.

Pashin was alive with a lot of activity once the group arrived. They went on to the market to gather more supplies, and looked for an inn. That night was spent drinking up quite a bit of the ale, save Tarvos who went looking for the group after he realized his money was missing. This lead to a slight brawl, but the Dark Knights who showed up ended up being paid off by Curian so no one would wind up in prison. The next morning the group got together (and Tarvos still steaming about his money) and went out in search of more information in the city. At one point the group passed by an old beggar in the streets, who seemed to be some sort of doomsayer. As Waldron passed by the beggar reached out, and grabbed Waldron’s arm with an unnatural strength. The beggar started to foretell of a prophecy that would unfold at the hands of our group of travelers. After she finished her body caught fire, and within moments she was nothing but ashes. At this point the surrounding crowd started pointing at the group, screaming murder, and calling for the guards. The party took off down an alleyway, and after a little bit of running they evaded the Dark Knights by finding an old passage that lead into a sewer system of sorts.

In the sewer system our group had to battle with a few creatures, and a large group of goblins that had amassed under the city. Once they made it out of the sewer they (unknowingly) passed a magical portal that transported them to a location someplace in the southern wastes of Nordmaar, just east of Border Keep. It was at this point the party decided to split, with the (strange pair) Minotaur, and Elf deciding to go south to Teyr. The human and gnome wanted to travel over to Border Keep to have a chance to gather information, and see what the area was like due to no one in the party traveling in this area of Ansalon. It looks like the party would part ways…


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